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The Brutally Simple Secret to Making a Lot More Money

The secret to making more money is so brutally simple, anyone can do it, but few go through with it. You don’t need to learn anything new, get a coach, pay for a program or go back to school. 

If we could put even an extra hour of work everyday, we could be making thousands more. It’s a tried and tested strategy that no one ever goes after, and that’s the biggest problem in our country. 

How do you change your financial reality? Are greedy CEOs to blame for the financial struggles in our country? 

In this episode, I share the simple way to earn more, and the tragic truth: the fact that very few people will ever do it.


Stop blaming people and start taking responsibility for your future. -Chris Naugle 



Things You’ll Learn In This Episode


  • Do the extra
    When everyone is doing the bare minimums, how can we win by doing just a little more?
  • Don’t blame the CEOs
    While greed is an issue in our society, could laziness be doing more harm?
  • Think like an entrepreneur
    Instead of approaching your day like a 9-to-5er, how do you develop the mentality of a business owner?
  • All it takes is one
    How do you break away from the status quo and transform the trajectory of your life?


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