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Mapping Out
The Millionaire Mystery

Get Ready to Step Into The Secrets of The Wealthy!


Discover the one thing that will allow you to reclaim control of your finances as you:

  • Eliminate Debt

  • Grow Wealth

  • Minimize Taxation

  • Leave a Legacy

Mapping Out the Millionaire Mystery is a clear, accessible wealth-building roadmap based on the 200-year old financial strategy that puts you back in control of your money!

If you’re like most Americans, you’ve spent your entire adult life paying the banks, your creditors and your expenses. At the same time, you’ve watched your retirement funds and legacy drastically fluctuate or evaporate in the markets.

You’ve been taught to follow ‘the system’ and told that it is the best way to set yourself up for the future, though it doesn’t feel that way. Because what you’ve been taught to do is give up control of your finances and assume additional risk, and these choices are costing you YOUR financial freedom!

You are done waiting for the day when you can truly build your legacy and find freedom for yourself, your family, your business.

Welcome to the guide that you’ve been waiting for.

Get ready to step into the secrets of the wealthy by doing only one thing differently!

This book will teach you:

  • How to build your wealth (outside of the standard ‘system’)

  • How to keep your money in the family

  • How to pay off debt and expenses

  • How to recycle and recapture money like conventional banks do

"Chris and Brent have tested and live what they teach. Their methodology is solid Financial Strategy that will benefit you both personally and professionally."

Randy GarnNew York Times Best-Selling Author

"Get ready to have your mind blown. Inside Mapping Out The Millionaire Mystery, Chris Naugle and Brent Kesler give you the hard cold truth about our financial industry and how to truly get ahead to build real wealth."

Greg ReidSerial Entrepreneur, Globally Renowned Speaker, Filmmaker & Best-Selling Author

"Many financial educators keep the secrets of the wealthy under lock and key, available only to the elite. Chris and Brent have cracked the box wide open and communicate the no-longer-secret secrets in a way any business owner, professional or real estate investor can relate to."

Greg HerleanPresident, Horizon Trust Company


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As an added bonus you will also have access to:

  • 12 training videos that help you break down The Money Multiplier Method

  • A seat at The Money School’s Virtual Training Event where Chris will reveal the top money secrets of the wealthy

  • A 7-day free trial of Money School TV (MSTV)!

  • The audio version of The Private Money Guide (when in attendance at the virtual event)

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Mapping Out The Millionaire Mystery authors, Chris Naugle, and Brent Kesler are obsessed with this money strategy and concept of infinite banking!

Before I had discovered these simple strategies of the wealthy and put them into practice, I thought money was just meant to be used as a means to buy the things that I wanted. I spent my entire life thinking I knew how money worked, but was I ever wrong!

For so long, I was under the impression that I simply had to deposit my money into the bank, portfolios, or just go to the bank and ask for a loan. Never did I think that I could access the same practices of people like R. Nelson Nash, Robert Kiyosaki, and Tony Robbins.

Using The Money Multiplier Method that you’ll find inside Mapping Out the Millionaire Mystery, I figured out how to make my money work for me and produce more money. Doing so was what opened the door to investing more into my true passions and finally leaving a legacy!

Now, you can do the same: build your wealth, keep your money in the family, pay off debt and expenses, and recycle and recapture money like conventional banks do…all without taking on any risk, working any harder, changing your cash flow, or losing control of your finances!

Today everything changes.
Today, YOU become the BANK!

Yes reserve my free copy now!

"WOW! Easy to read and tons of value! I read this book in 2 1/2 days and couldn't put it down. If you apply what is in this book, it WILL change your financial future!"

Willie Bowdoin

"A MIND BOGGLING BOOK! Read the book in one sitting. Thank you for all the knowledge you shared. I learned a lot from the book. My family appreciates you!"

Real Estate Investor

"A GPS FOR YOUR FINANCES! If you've enjoyed watching Chris's videos and you want to dig into the mechanics of this system, this book is for you! Chris and Brent lay out in detail how the system works, with examples and tables."

Vicky Anderson

"Give it a shot! An amazing and easy read! For new readers, it may seem too good to be true of a concept, but give it a shot and learn more about it. You'll be amazed."

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