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You want more for your family, your business, your future, your legacy…and you want it made simple.

The traditional investing and banking systems that you have been following for so long aren’t leading to the financial results you desires. You are more than ready for a better solution, something powerful, something proven.

Welcome to Money School TV, where you will access the ONE THING that will free you from financial slavery and enable you to live with full control of your wealth, for good!


Change ONE thing and you will solve everything!

MSTV is the portal to creating everything you want for your life, your family, your business and your legacy. What is isn’t is a ‘one size fits all solution.’ There is something for everyone inside MSTV and we’ve made our strategies simple enough for you to understand and implement in your life!

Join us and access the revolutionary Money System and ONE THING that will lead to the truth about how to make money work for you.

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What people are saying about Money School TV

“Extremely informative. More information that I imagined when I signed up.”

Conner McConaghy

“Chris Naugle is an exceptional teacher. He’s taught me and my audience about money. The true ways to increase and multiply money. Schools and the workforce doesn’t teach us how to become wealthy. With Chris recognizing this, he took a stand to show us how to become wealthy. The path to wealth can be confusing for many, with Chris’ simplified strategies and teaching, the path is as clear as ever.”

Andy Audate

“Excellent material! At my age, no one has made it this easy to understand and learn with how to utilize $ we have and other peoples $. The structure of the class and how everything flowed was great.”

Ruby Aguirre

“This experience has been amazing! I would highly recommend anyone who is serious about learning the specifics and function of wealth and money to attend! I am so grateful that I attended and I’m so much more prepared to take action and feel confident, thank you, thank you, thank you.”

Caitlin Rosica