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Money School TV

Discover the ONE THING that will change EVERYTHING for your financial future

You want more for your family, your business, your future, your legacy…and you want it made simple.

The traditional investing and banking systems that you have been following for so long aren’t leading to the financial results you desires. You are more than ready for a better solution, something powerful, something proven.

Welcome to Money School TV, where you will access the ONE THING that will free you from financial slavery and enable you to live with full control of your wealth, for good!


Change ONE thing and you will solve everything!

MSTV is the portal to creating everything you want for your life, your family, your business and your legacy. What is isn’t is a ‘one size fits all solution.’ There is something for everyone inside MSTV and we’ve made our strategies simple enough for you to understand and implement in your life!

Join us and access the revolutionary Money System and ONE THING that will lead to the truth about how to make money work for you.

Watch this video for the inside scoop and click the link below to join the movement!

Membership Levels

Monthly $19/mo

  • LIVE group mentorship training and Q&As every month with America’s #1 Money Mentor, Chris Naugle!
  • Access to content of Advanced Money School Training videos by Chris
  • Limitless Replays!
  • Cancel anytime

Start your FREE TRIAL today, then pay only $19/month. Cancel any time.

Annual $190/yr (most popular)

  • Pay the entire year in advance and save!
  • Same benefits as monthly plan: Live group mentorship training and Q&As every month with America’s #1 Money Mentor, Chris Naugle;
  • Access to advanced money school training content by Chris; limitless replays!
  • BONUS: FREE Audiobook version of Chris’ best selling book, The Private Money Guide!

Check out some of the high value content you'll get inside MSTV!

Real Estate, Money, and Creating a Legacy with MSTV
How Can I Get Back Control of My Money?
How to Adjust When Things Change
How To Create Financial Opportunities with MSTV
COVID-19 Learning From The Past
Financial Opportunities Amid Turmoil (COVID-19)

What people are saying about Money School TV

I have been receiving coaching from Chris for the past two years as a member of his Money School and now MSTV and this 10/10 trading class. Chris’ years of experience as a financial advisor, a very successful real estate investor and entrepreneur means that he has a breadth of knowledge about how money works that is extremely valuable, ESPECIALLY in uncertain times like these.
What sets Chris apart is his ability to take years of learning and experience and distill that into clear, simple training and actionable steps so that he can help others improve their lives.

Matt Morneault

Chris Naugle is an exceptional teacher. He’s taught me and my audience about money. The true ways to increase and multiply money. Schools and the workforce doesn’t teach us how to become wealthy. With Chris recognizing this, he took a stand to show us how to become wealthy. The path to wealth can be confusing for many, with Chris’ simplified strategies and teaching, the path is as clear as ever.

Andy Audate

The biggest reason I signed up for MSTV is I believe in Chris. I require two things in life. Living in the truth and mutual respect for everyone. Chris conveys both of these aspects to his audience. I have been running my businesses off of many of the principles that Chris teaches. It was great to see someone out there doing what is best for people as a whole.

I enjoy getting to go over content. It always sparks new ideas for me and how I can better serve others around me.

My hope would be to connect with more like minded people and to be able to create as many win win situations as possible.

Luke Medico

Wow Chris, what a powerful MSTV trainings! I finished watching ALL of the trainings today. Started watching the 3-Day training again to write better notes. Definetely will sign-up for your annual trainings.
It's hard to believe, I heard trainings last week from recorded you & Stefan from Canada, but then in your last webinar you mentioned he passed away. Wow, he had very good points about our time with Covid. Will watch again the Mindset section, it just really touched me. Thank you for all you do, I'm looking forward to bring my real estate wholesaling business to another level.

Marina S.

In 2008 I lost my job, I defaulted on my mortgage and I filed for bankruptcy. This was the start of a five-year battle to get back to some sort of financial balance. With the current economic crisis that has been intensified by the COVID-19 pandemic and the response to it, I saw my life flash in front of me and feared that I was facing another grueling financial period in my life.

Somehow, I found Chris Naugle and had a consultation with him about how I could manage things before I lost financial control again. He was generous enough to give me some good recommendations, one of which was to join Money School TV and to participate in one of their 3 day events. When I saw the value they were offering even though money was tight, I decided to jump in and learn as much as I could. After all, I was just sitting in quarantine staring at my phone and computer all day praying for solutions.

I couldn't have been more impressed with what the three day event taught me. Not only did I get more insight into resources that were already available to me that would save me from financial doom, but I got valuable and useful information on how to develop myself in business and secure my financial future.

Following the event, I made calls to some of the speakers and made a plan for myself to get started. Even though I am still in the early stages of getting myself secure for what is bound to be a bumpy financial time, I have peace of mind that I will not suffer and fail in the ways I have before and I have the confidence that I can take care of myself and thrive financially in ways that I would not have been able to without Money School TV.

Chris and his team are not charging exorbitant amounts of money to leave you with nothing that you can truly take action on. They want you to do well and all of their speakers are offering real education and opportunities for success.
Thank you Money School TV for your generosity and commitment to helping people.

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