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Howard Panes On the Secret to Becoming a Billionaire (It’s Not Money)


The secret to wealth, impact and fulfillment isn’t to focus on the end result, but rather the process it takes to get there. You have to fall in love with digging the trench, not what you get out of the trench. That way, the beliefs and behaviors that lead to success become habits, instead of an effort we have to put forth everyday. 

For Howard Panes, this approach is what has led him to become a billionaire with multiple successful businesses. How did one of his companies break $100 million in sales within 18 months? How does he maintain his mindset and high energy, positive attitude? 

In this episode, the billionaire serial entrepreneur icon and founder of LOGIC, Mighty Yum -link and Stealth Body Fitness shares his incredible story, how he stays so engaged and why we have to fall in love with hard work.


People keep themselves so busy they don’t even know if they are happy or not. If you’re over-busy and overdoing, you have to step back from the equation and see where your mind really sits. -Howard Panes



Three Things You’ll Learn In This Episode

  • The gift is in the journey
    How do we fall in love with the process, instead of the achievement?


  • How a conversation became a billion dollar business
    Every single day, we come across the seeds of great opportunities. How do we identify and go after them?


  • Legacy is here and now
    How does Howard make sure he’s making a maximum impact in the present moment?


Guest Bio:

Howard Panes is a billionaire serial entrepreneur icon and pioneer in the electronic cigarette industry, who famously went from $600,000 in debt, to building the world’s fastest growing e-cig company, LOGIC, that broke $100 million in sales in its first 18 months. Panes later sold LOGIC to Japan Tobacco, and is now one of the most well-known guerrilla marketing entrepreneurs on the planet. His other successful companies include Mighty Yum -link and Stealth Body Fitness. 

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