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The Pain and Pitfalls of Entrepreneurship (and Why We’d Do It All Again) w/Shawn Finnegan

Convincing investors to put money towards your idea. Not having enough money and dreading the next day. Making payroll by the skin of your teeth. Taxes and financials. These are just a few struggles business owners face daily. 

There are many problems and pains associated with entrepreneurship, but if you live to fight through the hard times, you unlock an unbelievable level of opportunity, impact and fulfillment. 

How do you pitch your idea to one of the greatest entrepreneurs of all time and win? What are some of the bottlenecks to our growth as business owners? 

In today’s episode, I’m joined by entrepreneur, investor and partner at Tax Hive, Shawn Finnegan. He shares his story – from the beginning of his business journey to how he’s teaching entrepreneurs to build and run their businesses well.


The greatest motivator is pain, not success. -Shawn Finnegan 


Things You’ll Learn In This Episode


  • The opportunity of a lifetime
    The best thing that came out of the recession was that everything was on sale. Will you be ready to go shopping this time around?
  • How to stay on top of what matters
    Many entrepreneurs operate their businesses with blinders on. What is some of the key information we have to be crystal clear about on a regular basis?
  • Pitching to Mr. Wonderful
    What’s it like having Kevin O’Leary in your corner?


Guest Bio:

Shawn Finnegan is an entrepreneur, investor and partner at Tax Hive. Tax Hive helps entrepreneurs optimize their businesses and minimize their taxes. They will work to provide you and your business with the tools and resources you need to build a solid tax and business foundation.

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