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What do those who have realized the greatest financial success do differently with their money?

Our wealth is a result of the financial habits and strategies we live by. To date, we’ve been taught that money works in a certain way… and we’re doing things with our money that we’d never do with what money buys.

It’s time to reclaim control of your finances to generate more money for:

  • Retirement

  • Lifestyle

  • Family

  • Real Estate Deals

  • Legacy

The greatest financial knowledge we can acquire isn’t taught, it’s sought out. Chris Naugle teaches what everyone needs to know, yet no one will teach you.

Become Empowered

…with the secrets of the wealthy & the knowledge of how money works

We don’t know the answers unless we ask the right questions. Chris Naugle evokes those questions from everyone he touches and he delivers the answers everyone is seeking.

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The Money Multiplier

Live Like the Wealthy

Why do the wealthy get richer and those who struggle become poorer? How did Walt Disney build Disney World? Robert Kiyosaki, Tony Robbins, R. Nelson Nash all talk about these financial secrets – the little-known, 200-year-old wealth strategies used by the top 5%. Inside his Money Multiplier talk, Chris Naugle maps out the millionaire mystery and clearly articulates these game-changing wealth-building strategies. Learn how your money should be used, where it should go, and how to free yourself from the financial slavery of traditional money habits. Are you ready to step into the secrets of the wealthy?!

Money School

High Level Habits for Real Estate Investing

What have you not yet been told that you need to know to succeed in real estate investing? Traditional financial knowledge leaves out the truth about money, because the knowledge of greatest value isn’t taught, it’s sought out. Inside his Money School talk, Chris Naugle delivers the innovative investing strategies and high-level real estate education needed to maximize the private money world. Create greater wealth, access greater time freedom, and to crack the code on successful real estate deals.

Motivational Talk

Gaining the effective edge

What does it mean to transform your life in the face of financial uncertainty and go on to build sustainable success & wealth? Raised in a lower-middle-class family by a single mother, former pro snowboarder, Chris Naugle knows what it takes to build something from next-to-nothing. In this talk, Chris parallels what it took to become a pro snowboarder with the strategies that landed him a pilot show on HGTV and success as a nationally acclaimed real estate & money manager. In Gaining the Effective Edge, Chris takes audiences through what he’s learned first-hand from financial struggles faced when he was growing up and through the 2008 recession, and he teaches the better way to wealth for all of us! Let Chris drive you beyond your fears and deliver the financial knowledge that fuels your freedom.

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