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We’re taught that money works in a certain way…but that old way is holding us back from the wealth we all have the capacity to realize.

Truly valuable financial knowledge isn’t taught, it’s sought out. The Money School™ is an exclusive Inner-Circle Mastermind event where high-achieving real estate investors, business owners, practitioners and aspiring Money Masters gather to crack the code on how to many their money work for them.

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What if you could get all the money back for every purchase you’ve ever made and create wealth through the debts and expenses you already have?

Get access to a 55 minute webinar that shows you exactly how to take advantage of your car payment, your credit card bills and more to increase your wealth.

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What have you not yet been told that you need to know to succeed in investing?

Hint: Become the bank and unlock a world where you can take command of your finances

Maximize the private money world, instead of the traditional one

JOIN US for 1-day power event and access ALL you will ever need to know about money and real estate.

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If you are looking to...

  • Invest for Retirement

  • Gain Financial & Time Freedom

  • Create Greater Wealth

  • Maximize Your Tax Shelters

  • Protect Yourself from Judgments & Liabilities

  • Network with Other Successful, Like-Minded Real Estate Investors

One concept can change everything and one day can change your life!

Join the host of HGTV’s Risky Builders, Co-Founder of FlipOut Academy, and 20 year investing veteran, Chris Naugle and other esteemed experts at the next LIVE Private Inner-Circle Mastermind event and access invaluable insight from Chris’s over 200 real estate deals and $30 Million dollars in assets managed!

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You'll be able to...

  • Access high-level real estate investing secrets

  • Learn how and where to find money for real estate deals

  • Discover how money works

  • Use money to your advantage to gain the upper hand

  • Become a private lender

  • Gain insight into structuring successful deals

  • Achieve mastery of the most cutting-edge money strategies

  • Become your own bank

  • Pay down loans & debt quicker and more efficiently

  • Save and pay yourself first

The Money School's BRRRR™️ Method

Money School’s BRRRR Method unlocks the ability to create passive income in a repeatable fashion when purchasing rental property. The method works through the following steps:

Buy a distressed property, with intent to rent. 

Rehab the property to ensure the structural integrity of the home, and create aesthetic improvements for renters.

Rent out the property to qualified tenants that help you meet your cash flow requirements.

Refinance and convert your equity into cash to purchase the next property.


If You're looking for the fastest approach to get up and running check out The Money Schoo's BRRRRRN™️ method, to begin that TODAY! Buy, Rehab, Rent, Refinance, Repeat, RIGHT! NOW!

With BRRRRRN™️ you can...

  • Make a passive income

  • Increase your rental portfolio

  • Discover how money works

  • Use equity to your advantage

  • Become your own source of funding

  • Gain insight of cash flow analysis

  • Pay down loans & debt quicker and more efficiently