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Live Webinars

Live Webinars Schedule

PMC Money Club Monday 1pm Eastern

In this free live Zoom training we get together and go over some of the deal flow inside of Private Money Club… During this meeting, you can see borrower and lender highlights, and even hear from these members directly!

It’s a great opportunity to stay in-the-know about the Private Money Club and we always throw in some helpful tips that further your knowledge of leveraging real estate and lending through the PMC platform/community.


BYOB Take Back Control Tuesday 1pm Eastern

In this free live Zoom training we will crack the code on the wealthy mindset and what they know about becoming your own bank that the majority of people don’t. We will cover all of the basics & fundamentals of how the infinite banking concept can help you build generational wealth!


BYOB Wealth Webinar Wednesday 1pm Eastern

This is a great opportunity to have a weekly check-in with The leaders of the Money School Team, Chris Naugle, and Stephen Nagy and gain insight to assist your financial maintenance routines. Occasionally we bring on a special guest, and it is always lesson-based offshoot of infinite banking applied, with the last leg of the webinar being devoted to Q&A and audience participation in the chat box.


PMC Quickstart: How To 1pm Eastern

In this free live Zoom training, we dive into the world of private money lending & borrowing with PMC Coach Noah Harris! Whether you’re looking to become a private lender and all it entails or secure funding for your real estate, this hour is dedicated to the secrets to success with private money loans! Also a good way to connect, learn more, and grow with the Private Money Club community.


YouTube: WTF Happened?? Market and Headline weekly review 9:30am Eastern, Ask Me Anything happy hour 4:30pm Eastern

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