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How I Lost $534,000 Through Infinite Banking


A specially engineered whole life policy can be set up to give maximum cash value upfront BUT most advisors don’t want you to know that. Why? Because in order for you to get that higher cash value, they would have to give up a lot of their commission. 

The Infinite Banking Concept is a machine that helps you achieve your financial goals, from buying cars to paying off debt. You can’t achieve those goals without engineering the policy the right way, something a lot of advisors aren’t willing to do because they lose out. 

I lost $534,000 so that you could get the most money from your policy. How do we design your policy so that your money grows fast like a rocket? In this episode, I share why whole life policies aren’t created equal, and how to build one that allows you to build wealth.


Booster rockets on an actual rocket ship use up a lot of fuel. Paid Up Additions on your policy use up a lot of term. -Chris Naugle 


Things You’ll Learn In This Episode


Maximizing cash value vs. maximizing death benefit 

How do we engineer your policy so that you’re able to get money out quickly?


The most efficient way to set up your policy 

When a rocket is launched, some pieces of it fall away so it can propel faster. What do we eliminate from your policy so your money grows faster?


Getting your money to make money

How do we set up a machine that provides returns and wealth-building opportunities, non-stop?


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