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Hold Onto Your Mortgage & Earn Money: The Best Time in History For Real Estate Notes w/Eric Sage


A lot of aspects of real estate are one-sided, especially in this current market. It either benefits whoever has the money or the property. In today’s high interest landscape, everyone’s getting squeezed, from the people trying to buy a home at an eye-watering 8% rate, to homeowners sitting on untapped wealth. 

What if there was a way for both the buyer and homeowner to win? If you have a sub 4% mortgage, there’s no way you’d want to let that go. Fortunately, there’s a way to keep that mortgage in place, get access to cash and also keep the dream of homeownership alive for someone else. 

How does this strategy work and how do you make sure the deal is structured right? In this episode, real estate investor, mentor, education, Eric Sage returns to share the huge opportunity in real estate notes in today’s market.



Every mortgage is 30-year fixed, rates are 8% now, there’s no better time in the history of our planet to get control of cheap debt. -Eric Sage



Things You’ll Learn In This Episode


A profitable waiting game 

What is the ultimate win with real estate notes?


Bringing a win-win to real estate

How does this strategy create income for a homeowner and homeownership for someone else?


Real estate notes done right 

Why is it so important to structure these deals correctly from the start?


Guest Bio:


Eric Sage is a real estate investor, mentor, education and founder of Creative Dealmaker and co-founder of He helps people “Become the Bank” and invest in High Yield, Low Risk, Securitized Real Estate Mortgage Notes. 

Go to, and follow @‌ericjsage on Instagram.


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