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Income Without Injury: Why Dean Rogers Traded a Lucrative NFL Career For Real Estate


A long, highly lucrative NFL career or walking away from millions to live a longer, healthier life. That was the decision Dean Rogers had to make. After being trained to be a modern day gladiator, Dean walked away from football and started over. 

From playing in arenas to sitting behind a desk. From a million dollar salary to earning a fraction of that, Dean was finally able to find a career that gave him high income without life-altering injuries – real estate. 

What made him walk away from his childhood dream? How did real estate become his new passion? In this episode, Dean tells his story, from getting drafted and playing alongside legends in the NFL, to deciding to walk away and building a new dream.



I was trained for war, I was a modern day gladiator, I was prepared physically and mentally. Now, I was sitting at a desk job, slapping a keyboard around. -Dean Rogers 



Things You’ll Learn In This Episode


  • The extra 1%
    Can we beat out the most talented people by just being more consistent and persistent?
  • No deal is better than a bad deal
    What are some of the big real estate mistakes investors make that set us back in terms of time and wealth?
  • High income without the injuries
    Most people wouldn’t walk away from a million dollar NFL career because they can’t replicate that wealth elsewhere. How did Dean find a way to build wealth without the hard hits of football?


Guest Bio:

Dean Rogers began his career in the NFL with the San Diego Chargers. Dean soon realized that if he kept playing his health would be at stake. After walking away from the NFL, he has been in the real estate industry since 2013 leading him to building a successful business in California. Since then, Dean has flipped and wholesaled 550+ houses and has a rental portfolio of eight figures. He is passionate about real estate and helping others learn how to build wealth and freedom. For more information, head to and follow @‌deanrogersrealestate on Instagram, or send a text to +1 559-786-9468.


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