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Designing A Policy For MAXIMUM Cash Value


The Infinite Banking Concept is a powerful financial vehicle. You get to take control of your money and access cash without interrupting the compound interest you’re building. Better yet – it can be tailored for your unique goals. 

Whether you want steady performance or access to more cash up front, your policy can be designed to suit your needs. How do you engineer your policy for your goals? What do the different designs look like in practice? 

In this episode, I share the different ways your IBC policy can be set up and the impact it will have.



You’re creating a banking system. We’re using a specially designed and engineered whole life built backwards so that it works more like a bank account than a life insurance policy. -Chris Naugle



Things You’ll Learn In This Episode

The HECV option

When you need the maximum amount of money immediately, how would you design your policy?


How to design a policy for your specific goal 

Why would you choose a design that pays a higher commission to the advisor and gives you less cash early on? 


Be an honest banker 

Why would you need to borrow money from your own bank?


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