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Wall St. Just Babysits Your Money: Here’s How to Actually Grow It w/Jim Oliver


The truth about money is something most people will never know, and they suffer for it. Everything we’re taught about money is broken and wrong. The financial advisors that control your money are nothing more than babysitters. People are told they aren’t smart enough to manage their own money, even though they are smart enough to earn it. 

The financial instruments so many people rely on are just facades, and the process that will actually set us free is heavily misunderstood and even demonized. 

Why do we have to break away from this system? How do we work towards freedom, even if we don’t fully understand everything about Infinite Banking? 

In this episode, I’m joined by entrepreneur, abundance advocate, founder of CreateTailwind  and author of “Make Bank Without the Bank”, Jim Oliver. He talks about how to change how we see money and wake up to how we’re robbed of our own wealth.


Most of the people on Wall Street are money baby sitters, they’re not investing money, they’re just the middle man, and they are getting a fee to be likable. -Jim Oliver 


Things You’ll Learn In This Episode

The truth about mainstream money management 

Wall Street advisors are financial babysitters in fancy suits. Would you let your babysitter do the job of raising your children?


What creates wealth 

If Wall Street instruments don’t make people wealthy, what are the 2 things that do?


Never need a bank again 

Taking control of your banking function seems like a tall order, but can we get started with one simple step?


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