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A Warning for the 2023 Housing Market


Once upon a time (during and right after the pandemic to be specific) real estate was on fire. Now that prices have started to fall, “buy now, buy it all” is the advice you’re getting, but is the deal really as good as they say?

“Nothing has made more millionaires than real estate,” they say, but if you’re not careful in this real estate market, you’ll end up with a lot less than what you started with.

So, when it comes to real estate, what’s the right move to make right now?

In this episode, I talk about where real estate’s headed and why you might not want to make any big moves just yet.


When you talk to a Realtor you’re getting old news – news that’s not relevant to where we’re going because real estate hasn’t felt the pinch yet. – Chris Naugle 


Things You’ll Learn In This Episode

Real estate…what now?
Is the buying opportunity as good as people are saying it is?

Where to spot the economic warning signs 
If real estate is a lagging indicator, what leading indicators should we be paying attention to? 

What the smartest minds in money are doing right now
How are the richest investors preparing for what’s coming?



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