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Staying the Course is Half the Battle: The Real Secret to Success with Chris Molenaar


Everyone’s chasing get-rich-quick strategies, using social media and other means to shortcut their path to success. The truth is, the fundamentals that have applied to building wealth for hundreds of years have never really changed. The landscape and platforms change, but not the principles. 

No amount of technology can take the place of good habits and doing the right things consistently. 

Do we need hundreds and thousands of followers to succeed, or can we make the most out of the people we already know? How do we blend the old-school fundamentals with social media, AI, and digital marketing? 

In this episode, I’m joined by Top Producing Realtor, Chris Molenaar. He shares his story and the simple truth about success most people ignore.


It really is the repetitious boredom that creates success. Staying the course is half the battle for most people. – Chris Molenaar


Things You’ll Learn In This Episode

How to win without a high follower count
Instead of focusing on getting as many followers as possible, how do we make the relationships we already have count? 

The power of leveraging technology
Can social media help us cut out the mundane so we can really be creative?

Blending the traditional with the digital 
How can you scale your business with events?


Guest Bio

Chris Molenaar is a Top Producing Realtor in Saskatoon, Associate Broker at eXp Realty, and Executive Committee Member of the Real Estate Investment Group of Saskatchewan. Chris Molenaar was the first real estate agent to join eXp Realty in Saskatoon. He shares perspectives on becoming a real estate agent, real estate marketing ideas, and real estate lead generation. 

What’s my real estate agent day in the life?  Learn about eXp Realty news, exp explained, how to get your real estate license, and much more.  Social media marketing for real estate agents is now an essential component of our business. 

Whether you’re a new real estate agent, or you’re wondering how to get into real estate; understand that eXp Realty lead generation systems are amazing!  Exp Realty for new agents is a no-brainer.  If you want my exp realty honest review then follow my account for real estate agent tips and exp realty reviews 2022. 

For more information, follow @molenaarchris_ on Instagram and subscribe to his YouTube channel.


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