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The Fed Considers Digital Currency: What it Means for the US Economy


Central Bank Digital Currency – everyone’s talking about it, even panicking about it, but what does it actually mean? Are we headed for a future of making payments with microchips in our arms? 

Well, the truth is digital currency isn’t all that different from what we have today. The issue with it will be that the government will have its hands on it and that always goes so well, right? 

In this episode, I share why the Fed wants a digital dollar and what it would mean for you and me.


Digital currency is going to be a part of our future, get used to it. – Chris Naugle


Things You’ll Learn In This Episode

Separating gloom and doom from the facts
Should we be afraid of digital currencies or are people overreacting?

What digital currency will change about our lives
How different is CBDC from our credit cards and bank accounts which are already trackable? 

The big picture 
Is there more to the Fed’s consideration of digital currency?



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