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What is the Minimum $$ to Be Your Own Bank?

All our lives, it’s been drummed into us to save our money, put it in the bank, and wait. But what the banks don’t tell you is what they do with those hard-earned dollars. Your money doesn’t just sit in your account. The banks lend it out, earning up to 1400% on it, while the value of your original deposit erodes. 

The good news is, you can opt-out of this rigged system by becoming the bank in your own right. You already have money that you can use to become a private lender, and getting started is more accessible than you’ve been led to believe.

So what does it take to become your own bank? How do you start with very little cash? 

In this episode, you’ll learn how easy it is to become the bank, and why you would want to take over the banking function in your life in the first place.


When you become the bank, you benefit like the bank. – Chris Naugle

Things You’ll Learn In This Episode

What banks do with the money you deposit (hint: it doesn’t benefit you)
Are banks using the buying power of your money to make themselves even richer? 

How your money looks when it’s working for you
How much money can you earn from the lazy money you already have sitting in your home equity, bank, or brokerage account?

How easy it is to take over the banking function in your life
Do you need to have millions of dollars saved up to become the bank?



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