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Why Don’t Banks Pay Us More When Interest Rates Are Rising?

With interest rates going up, there’s no area of our financial lives that hasn’t seen eye-watering price hikes, but isn’t it funny how the rates on the money you keep in the bank haven’t gone up too? 

Financial institutions are getting all the benefits of higher interest rates at our expense. So where can we put it if we can’t trust them to grow our money? 

In today’s episode, I talk about why in a rising interest rate environment banks aren’t paying you more, and more importantly, what you can do about it.


Become your own bank. Why give control of your money to the banks when they aren’t giving you anything on that money and they’re charging you more and more? – Chris Naugle 

Things You’ll Learn In This Episode

How banks make their money (and why it’s always to your detriment)
What can we learn from banks and use it to our advantage? 

What banks don’t want you to know
Thanks to the Fed, banks are flush with cash. Is that why they can’t even entice us to deposit money? 

How to get your money away from the banks and into a more beneficial model
If we can’t rely on banks to play and pay fair, where do we put our money?



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