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The Recession That Will Change a Generation with Mark Moss

If the last few years have taught us anything, it’s that the central planners at the helm of our economy can and will sabotage all of us. Instead of handling money with the precision of a scalpel, they chose to attack with a hatchet – and you, me, our children, and future generations will pay dearly for it. 

Money and freedom go hand in hand, but the modern-day panopticon that is the money printer compromises that freedom. 

How can we prepare for this storm? What is the true potential of cryptocurrencies in the battle for our freedom? 

In this episode, I’m joined by full-time investor, entrepreneur, and sound money advocate, Mark Moss. We talk about seeing past the smoke and mirrors of the economy, and protecting ourselves from its effects.

Without the freedom of payments, there is no freedom. – Mark Moss

Things You’ll Learn In This Episode

Why central planning will always fail
How did we end up in this financial mess?

How to sift through the noise 
When it comes to investing, there’s a lot of information out there. How do we sift through all of it and take action on it at the right time? 

How to claw back our financial freedom 
A lot of our freedom lies in the freedom of payments, can cryptocurrencies provide a way out of the monetary panopticon?


Guest Bio

Mark Moss is a full-time investor and entrepreneur for over 25 years. He has been through multiple market crashes, and built multiple 7 and 8-figure business and investment portfolios, through the worst market cycles, giving him the experience and perspective the young bucks are missing today.

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