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How to Win the Wealth Marathon and Stop Fearing Failure

The path to wealth is a marathon, not a sprint, so we have to be willing to take slower, more measured steps towards the lives of our dreams. Is there ever a ‘right’ time to start pursuing our dreams, or should we be making strides towards them every day? What happens if we run into failure – and is it ever an option to play it safe?

In this episode, I discuss why it’s so important to view the path to success as a marathon.

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Time will never be on your side. You’ve just got to get going and start taking action. – Chris Naugle

Three Takeaways

Abandon the idea of there being a ‘right’ time to start pursuing our dreams. Time will never be on our side – we have to start taking action immediately.

Welcome failure. As Einstein said, those who have never failed are those who have never tried new things. Be open to failing and start seeing missteps as lessons, rather than defeat. 

Be prepared to blaze a new path. We can’t expect to become leaders if we follow the herd – we have to be willing to break the norms and seek out new solutions.

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