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Stop Sprinting to Get Rich: How to See Past Hyped Up, Unverified Claims of Quick Wealth with Todd Randall

If you buy into today’s hyped up, popular wealth-building advice, success is an NFT or quick scheme away, but all this fanfare isn’t backed up by the fundamentals. People give up on a business when it doesn’t make money right out the gate. Their timelines are too short, and worst of all, they aren’t designing the business to weather the storm. 

The journey to financial freedom isn’t sexy, it’s built on consistency. In today’s episode, I’m joined by an entrepreneur who has lived this journey. He has built businesses and lost it all, and today he lives a life most people can only dream of. 

How do we build our businesses on solid economic fundamentals? Is your business built to survive what’s coming? In today’s episode, Todd Randall shares the biggest crisis in the world of wealth today.


There’s a lot of hype out there by people who have had particularly good luck or unverified success. – Todd Randall


Things You’ll Learn In This Episode

What our guest did to build a business around his best life
How did Todd build a business that allows him to fly around the world for polo games and operas? 

The truth about what it takes to build wealth
Who are you taking advice from, people with no credibility and verified success or business owners who grew their wealth through tried and tested methods? 

How to triple the size of your business
Most business owners are trapped on the hamster wheel because they don’t delegate. Why are other people better at roles in our businesses even if we’re the founder?


Guest Bio

Todd Randall has 30+ years of business experience, he has built 8 businesses in total, including spas, gyms, a construction company, a wholesaling company, and a coaching and consulting agency. 

Today he manages 4 businesses remotely, generating $6 million annually. Todd could retire, but he grew fond of entrepreneurship and couldn’t ever let go of it. His favorite hobby is polo and he often flies to different countries to participate in games. 

For more information, visit and join his Facebook Group, Real Business Coaching.



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