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Want to Operate the Way the Wealthy Do? Change This

From the day we’re born, a set of beliefs is plugged into us, and it governs a lot about our lives, like how we earn money, and whether or not we can build wealth. 

We’re taught to put money in the bank, trade dollars for hours, and hopefully increase what we earn for that unit of time, but what if everything we’ve been taught is wrong? What if it’s all based on falsehoods and failed dreams? 

The wealthy have figured this out. They stopped conforming to these beliefs and changed the trajectory of their lives by changing one thing about their money. 

In this episode, I’m going to share exactly what the wealthy do differently and how you can emulate it.


If you change who warehouses your capital, you can change everything. – Chris Naugle  


Things You’ll Learn In This Episode

The first rule of wealth
What’s the very first step we have to take to start putting our money to work for us?

Why we’re set up for a life of limitation from day one
We’re taught to trade time for money. Does conforming to this mindset make it harder to build wealth?

How to change your legacy by changing one thing 
Banks take control of our money, but is there a way to use them to our advantage?


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