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Become a Money Master: How to Use Infinite Banking To Beat Inflation And Economic Chaos w/ Robert Lee

With 2024 being an election year, there is a lot at stake. Without a doubt, the economic cycle will be impacted post-election and we need to be prepared for it. Many are worried that the election is going to be a perilous economic tipping point, which many portfolios just won’t survive.

How do we ensure that amidst the chaos, our heads are well above water? Is there a way for us to not just merely survive but to thrive in these circumstances?

The Infinite Banking Concept guarantees taking back control and thriving. It’s a simple and direct concept yet many refuse to put it in action. There’s never been a better time to take advantage of this process. If you’re waiting till the dust settles post-election, it might just be too little, far too late. 

In this episode, Infinite Banker and licensed insurance agent, Robert Lee joins me to explain how Infinite Banking can put money back into your pocket, how it can help you gain true control and autonomy over your money, and how it can help in times of chaos and inflation.

We may not be able to control the dollar but we can control what we do with it. -Robert Lee



Three Things You’ll Learn In This Episode

  • Pay attention to what’s not obvious
    Just because we can’t see certain things, it doesn’t mean that it’s not impacting us. How is this fact playing out in this economy?
  • The great American divide
    America has been teetering on political tension for a long time. Could this lead to an escalation in the wake of the election?
  • What is the best kind of debt?
    Many people have been taught that all debt is bad. Does good debt exist, and what does it look like?


Guest Bio:

Robert is a licensed insurance agent who practices the Infinite Banking Concept and teaches folks of all walks and ages how to save their money and invest their money at the exact same time.


Follow Robert on Instagram @iam_therobertlee

Subscribe to Robert’s YouTube channel here @Better Investment Academy and hit the bell icon.


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