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How To Overcome Rock Bottom: Getting Out Of The Rut w/Brent Daniels

Tough times can last and leave us feeling defeated, doubtful and lost, especially when it’s our own bad decisions that drive us to rock bottom.

The feeling of hopelessness can be overwhelming, making it difficult to see a way out.

It’s up to us as individuals to ensure that we don’t stay that way forever. We need to be willing to put in hard work to see results and be determined to get ourselves out of the rut. If we do the work, rock bottom can ultimately become a solid place to rise up from. 

In this episode, Wholesale Real Estate Coach at TTP, Brent Daniels joins me to talk about his experience hitting rock bottom, what got him there and what got him out. We also talk about wholesaling for real estate and the value in it.

The beautiful thing about rock bottom is that it’s a strong foundation. -Brent Daniels



Three Things You’ll Learn In This Episode

  • The economic ebb and flow
    The economy doesn’t go straight up all the time and we’re not going to make the same amount of money. How do we ensure that we always win, no matter the economy?
  • Why you get so much growth out of your lowest low
    What is the one advantage of hitting rock bottom? How does it help us discover who we truly are?
  • The root of complacency
    We have been living in easy times which makes us complacent but these times of comfort won’t last forever. How do we prepare for what’s to come?


Guest Bio:

Brent Daniels is the founder of Talk To People, a proactive, action oriented approach to real estate wholesaling. He has coached tons of people with a simple and effective strategy on how to get on the phone and talk to motivated sellers. A natural leader, Brent combines his passion for helping his students with his proactive, little sleep, high energy, “doesn’t-want-to-wait-around-for-business” attitude to help you make the most out of the wholesaling cash machine.

After years of being a real estate agent in Phoenix, Arizona, Brent discovered a process within real estate called wholesaling while he was listing a property.

He quickly made the pivot to wholesaling, the art of finding properties at a discount and selling a contract to the property to investors. Brent now owns a multi-million dollar wholesale business and coaches others to get their first or hundredth deal.

Brent has created a platform dedicated to resources for real estate wholesalers and also hosts LIVE YouTube shows every week with audience Q&A and real estate market updates.


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