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How to Build Value & Raise Money As a New Investor w/Mark Kenney

When we’re new to the investing world, so many obstacles can come our way – whether it’s choosing what to invest in, where to invest, or building credibility in the market. This week’s guest faced all these initial hurdles but still managed to build a multifamily investment operation with 4300 units. How did he overcome both internal and external obstacles to build this amazing business? Why are long-holds overtaking flips? Why do we need to rethink the kind of value we can bring to the table?

On this episode, Mark Kenney shares his investing journey and how he got out of his own way to achieve success as the co-founder of Think Multifamily.

Watch the Full Episode:

There are certain aspects of the multi-family business that are harder to pick up, and  the two hardest areas are raising money and deal analysis. – Mark Kenney

Three Takeaways

Flipping has become increasingly more difficult, and the margins are diminishing. People are turning to long-holds, and multi-family units are a good option. 

Having a social media following is useless unless we’re leading those people into our email lists. We don’t have to be an expert at social media but we can put together a real plan that drives traffic to our business lines. 

Deal analysis is a key skill investors need to have at every level. We need to be able to see if the deal has merit or not before we commit any money or resources.

Guest Bio- 

Mark is Co-Founder & CEO of Think Multifamily. He has invested in over 4,000 units. He has a reputation among the multifamily investment community for providing exceptional value to investors and the community while also being easy to work with. Visit for more information, and to find out about the events and training their group offers, or feel free to email them directly.

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