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How to Stop Letting Other People’s Opinions Get in the Way of YOUR Dreams

The one thing every successful person will deal with in their entrepreneurial journey – naysayers. What causes people to try to hold us back from achieving our dreams? How can we block out the noise from those who don’t understand our vision? Should we be looking into more practical, popularly accepted methods of finding success to appease our critics?

On this episode, we discuss how to stop letting other people’s opinions get in the way of our dreams and aspirations.

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You need to understand in your heart and mind that this is your dream, no one else’s. – Chris Naugle

Three Takeaways

More often than not, naysayers are those without the drive to fulfill their dreams. They don’t want us to achieve our career goals because they aren’t comfortable with their own personal circumstances. 

Avoiding our naysayers is difficult as they are usually the people closest to us – but to be truly successful we have to cut them out, at least on a temporary basis.

Stop trying to please people by adopting more orthodox methods to success. The path to our dreams is ours alone.

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