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Best Advice from the Richest People on Earth with Jeff Lerner

The secret code to success is watching the people who have the life you want, taking notes from them, and following suit. The fastest path to mediocrity and misery is listening to people who lead unfulfilled and often bitter lives.

When you mingle with multi-millionaires and billionaires, you’ll see that they think differently. They don’t conform, and they do the opposite of what we’re all taught in school and life. 

What can you learn from being in the same rooms as the most successful people in the world? How did my guest go from $500k in debt to a 9-figure business? 

In this episode, speaker, author, 9-figure entrepreneur, and founder of ENTRE, Jeff Lerner shares what he learned from mingling with billionaires.


If you do what most people do, you’re going to have what most people have. – Jeff Lerner


Things You’ll Learn In This Episode


From $500k in debt to a 9-figure entrepreneur 
How do you muster the gumption to pivot after a failure? 

How to reject a broken system
How do we stop conforming and start creating? 

Develop an allergy to time that’s not well spent
How do we extract as much value out of our time as possible?



Guest Bio

Jeff Lerner is a speaker, author, 9-figure entrepreneur, and founder of ENTRE. ENTRE is the world’s first “Entrepreneurial Life Design” platform and one of the fastest-growing education companies in the world with over 200,000 students in its first 3 years.

Jeff is a former jazz musician turned entrepreneur passionate about helping people unlock their potential and create their dream lives. 

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