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From Start to Profitable Sale in Just 18 Months with Terry Fisher

Most entrepreneurs start a business because it’s a passion project and they want to solve a problem, but they never think about the destination, how they’ll exit, and if they can even exit profitably. 

The earlier in the process we think about that ultimate exit, the more we can influence the outcome and make sure it turns in our favor. 

For Terry Fisher, thinking ahead to the exit allowed him to pull off one the fastest and most lucrative deals – taking Voisey from startup to a 60X acquisition in less than 2 years. 

In this episode, he shares his impressive story and how he achieved such a huge turnaround.


When you build a business, you need to know your exit. – Terry Fisher


Things You’ll Learn In This Episode


Terry’s inspiring story 
How did Terry’s journey through rejection and challenges to make a dream he had at 17 come true? 

How to create a successful exit ahead of time
Is it possible to choose your business’ buyer in the early build stage? 

How to create a really strong offering
How to identify a problem you can solve at a really high level?



Guest Bio

Terry Fisher is a Serial Angel Investor, Business Scale Up Mentor, CEO Consultant, and Exit Strategist. Terry became an early-stage seed investor in Voisey. The premise of the app was to connect singers, songwriters, artists, and producers through collaborative songwriting and its popularity upon launch was huge, with over 2 million downloads in its first month – making it the most popular music app on the App Store. The consumer and media attention that the app generated resulted in most of the major social media platforms looking at acquiring the app, which culminated with Terry leading negotiations with multiple suitors until eventually agreeing on terms for a sale with Snapchat. 

Voisey’s journey was only 18 months from an idea on a piece of paper to exit – one of Terry’s biggest achievements to date. As well as his investment work, Terry also acts in an advisory capacity through business scale-up mentoring, CEO consultancy, and exit strategy for fast-growth brands looking for support in their forward momentum, alongside assisting businesses looking to exit in ensuring maximum acquisition value.

For more information, go to and follow @tfish_  on Instagram. 



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