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Psychology, Not Money: Why IBC is a Such Great Tool w/Chris Kirkpatrick

In every area of our lives, we can’t outsource what truly matters. We can’t outsource our faith, our health and our relationships, but for some reason we’re encouraged to outsource our wealth. 

No one is ever going to care about and take care of our money the way we do. No one will ever invest according to our values the way we can. No one will ever care about our descendants the way we do. 

That’s what makes whole life insurance so powerful. It’s a vehicle that puts you in control, and it’s the only vehicle that will ensure our wishes are carried out whether we’re around or not. 

It’s also the only financial tool in the world that will grow with you and help you differently at every stage of your life. Ultimately, it isn’t just a concept and a tool, it’s also a powerful mental model and self-actualization tool. 

What are some of the things we can do with this tool that we can’t with others? In this episode, I’m joined by author and founder of Life180, Chris Kirkpatrick. We talk about all the great things about IBC that have nothing to do with the logistics.


The reason I think everyone should get whole life insurance has nothing to do with the technical stuff. It’s because that process is going to force you to become who you need to be with your money to live the life you want to live. -Chris Kirkpatrick  



Things You’ll Learn In This Episode

  • A unicorn, not a financial tool
    What are some of the biggest problems with IULs, and why is the industry so driven to hide them from people?
  • Align your money with your values
    Why does whole life insurance offer a level of freedom other models don’t?
  • The most versatile tool
    How can a whole life policy be shifted and modified to solve multiple problems throughout your lifetime?
  • A self-completing vehicle
    Why is whole life insurance such a powerful filter to run our money through?


Guest Bio:

Chris Kirkpatrick is an entrepreneur, author and the founder of Life180. He is relentlessly dedicated to helping people reach financial freedom as quickly as possible. Chris believes the financial system is broken – it is set up for the main street investor to fail. Too many people play a passive role in one of the most important areas of their life – THEIR MONEY.

Chris wrote his last book, Cashflow Hacking, to show how anyone can reach financial freedom predictably in roughly a decade. That’s about 4x faster than Wall Street’s plan for you, and the good news is, you have more control of the outcome.

For more information, head to, subscribe to YouTube channel and follow  @realchriskirkpatrick. Get a free copy of Cashflow Hacking here.


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