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Radio Ads: The Explosive, Attention-Grabbing Lead Tool You Should Be Using w/Chris Arnold

Whether you want to flip property, wholesale or buy-to-hold, the one thing all investors have in common is an urgent need for motivated sellers. There are so many ways to generate these leads, but there is one channel we overlook to our own detriment – radio.

It’s an effective, set-and-forget inbound marketing strategy that blows the competition out of the water by giving us authority in a matter of seconds.

Why do investors quickly hit a ceiling with methods like direct mail? What is the formula of a winning radio ad?

In this episode, we’re joined by real estate coach, founder of Wholesaling Inc and REI Radio, Chris Arnold. He shares why radio is the perfect way to get in front of people who want to sell right now, and why this opportunity is wide open for anyone looking for quality exposure.

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All investors have one thing in common, the need for motivated seller opportunities and to this day, radio has been the best marketing channel I’ve ever put in place.
– Chris Arnold


Things You’ll Learn In This Episode 

Why radio ads are an attractive marketing vehicle for investors
Direct mail requires a lot of ongoing maintenance. How do we pivot away from that process to a more set-and-forget marketing channel?

How to win by “niching in”
Is radio an antiquated marketing channel or the most untapped, effective lead generation vehicle with virtually no competition?

The best places for our radio ads
The most popular radio stations aren’t the best places to generate motivated seller leads. How do we unearth the local stations that have the ears of our target demographic?

How to navigate the hurdle of inevitable change
One of the biggest external hurdles is what the market can throw at us, and the fact that every strategy will eventually hit a ceiling. How do we recognize change and get ahead of it?


Guest Bio- 

Chris Arnold is a real estate coach, founder of Wholesaling Inc, and REI Radio. He has been actively investing in Real Estate for over 15 years. Chris is an expert at utilizing, and teaching others how to use radio to generate the best, most qualified motivated seller leads in their respective markets. 

Chris has closed over 2,500 deals in the past 9 years using his unique system, and has helped countless students across the country close more deals.

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