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Building Wealth in a High Tax Economy: Finding the Right CPA For Your Goals w/Joan M Van De Griek CPA MBA

2021 promises to bring significant shifts to our tax landscape. These changes and developments can work for or against us, depending on the strategies we apply.

This economy requires financial service providers who understand how to use vehicles like Infinite Banking to help accomplish your goals in this time of massive change.

What tax changes do we need to be paying attention to? How do we identify a CPA who is aligned with our goals?

In this episode, I’m joined by The Wealth Bulldog, CPA and CEO of Fetch Your Wealth, Joan M Van De Griek. She talks about the wealth lessons she’s learned from 3 financial crises, and how we can put ourselves in the best financial position right now.

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With the right planning, your retirement and wealth goals are achievable.
– Joan M Van De Griek


Three Things You’ll Learn In This Episode 

How to navigate the new tax policy
The tax landscape is about to change significantly. How do we capture the opportunity and leverage Infinite Banking so that someone else foots the hefty tax bill?

The power of working with an exceptional CPA
How can you tell if a CPA cares about solving your problems, and that they aren’t just another product-pushing, sell-and-disappear financial professional?

Why coaches have to design their approach around your goals
If you don’t know what your perfect day looks like, how can a coach or professional help you build the life that you want?


Guest Bio- 

Joan M Van De Griek CPA MBA “The Wealth Bulldog” is the CEO of Fetch Your Wealth. She helps her clients ensure that their retirement is guaranteed, predictable, and flexible even in pre-retirement years for things like college, medical emergencies, home buying, and more. 

Joan is one of the elite TOP 2% who knows the secrets that the affluent 1% have known through generations of wealth.

As the Wealth Bulldog, Joan creates Rockefeller strategy vehicles to accumulate wealth as quickly as possible, protect assets and create a lasting legacy. Together, she and her clients tap also into savings and investment tools used by legendary powerhouses like Warren Buffet.

Her intentional depth and breadth of experience makes her a priceless, profit-maximizing powerhouse. Being the financial bulldog that she is, she sniffs out profit opportunities and creates a path to get you there. Using her CPA and Executive MBA she has done this for award winning health systems, the first privatized international surgery center and for-profit companies owned by not-for-profits.

To learn more about Joan, visit or email Joan at


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