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The Transition: How to Turn a Crushing Failure Into Your Next Success

The journey to your dream isn’t a straight line – in fact, it’s anything but. Success comes with a long list of failures, stumbles, crashes, and critical points of transition. 

This was also the reality of my journey. 

I had to get comfortable with pivots in order to get to my purpose. I found that you’re either one step away from a failure or an inch closer to a breakthrough, and you only find out by pushing your limits. 

In today’s episode, I share how I got comfortable with failure, and how I used it to find my purpose. 


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You are going to fail. Get over it, embrace it, ask for it. – Chris Naugle 


Things You’ll Learn In This Episode

What my snowboarding career taught me about transitions
How did I transition from the things someone else wanted me to be good at, to what I wanted to be good at? 

The crushing career blow that actually worked out in the end
Sometimes transitions are forced on us, and we have to shift unwillingly. Can these moments set us up for something bigger and better?

Why we need to test our limits in order to reach our goals
Every athlete will tell you that pushing your limits will take you to the podium, but it’s also one step away from failure. Why do we need to start embracing this?


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