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The Solution to a Problem You Didn’t Even Know You Had

In this economy, there are two certainties. We’re headed for a recession, and those who position themselves can capitalize and become very wealthy. 

When everything goes on sale, you want to have the resources to buy up great assets at a discount.

Unfortunately, the traditional ways to raise money to invest will cease, so where can you raise capital?   

In this episode, solving a capital problem most people haven’t identified yet, and how you can use this to capitalize on a downturn.


All the traditional places people have gotten so used to getting money will cease. – Chris Naugle


Things You’ll Learn In This Episode

Seeing past the charade of so-called reduced rate hikes
Math never lies – what is it telling us about what’s coming?

How to get capital when traditional sources dry up
All the money people are able to borrow right now is Wall Street money. Will they still have it at their disposal when the market sheds another 40%?

How to follow the money when the crash happens
Does money completely disappear in a recession?



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