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The Party’s Over: How to Keep Winning When the Market High Ends w/Dan Toback

When a market has enjoyed eons of expedited growth, great deals aren’t hard to come by. The real work begins when the deal flow slows, prices compress and properties sit on the market longer. This is the position many flippers and wholesalers find themselves in, especially in markets that have seen non-stop growth and massive appreciation. 

It becomes really obvious that what many investors thought was their intelligence, was nothing more than a really good market. 

The only way to keep succeeding is to become a better version of yourself as an investor. How do you seize the opportunity in a changing market? How do you shift from a transactional business model to something more sustainable?

In this episode, I’m joined by investor and coach, Dan Toback. He shares how to stay profitable in this changing environment.


The fun part about real estate investing and acquiring off market properties is it gives you the freedom to take on deals in your own timeframe and on your own terms. -Dan Toback 



Things You’ll Learn In This Episode

  • No more easy deals
    What are some of the factors making real estate a lot tougher now?
  • Engineer the ultimate win
    In transactional business models like flipping and wholesaling, you live and you die by the deal flow. Why aren’t more investors switching to something more stable?
  • Do the hard work on the front end
    In a market that can shift underneath you without warning, how can you be a more nimble investor?


Guest Bio

Dan is an investor, coach and director of acquisitions at NH Homebuyers, and the highest reviewed buyer on the Treasure Coast. He has been a prominent figure in the real estate industry for over a decade, with a background primarily focused on coaching and wholesaling. 

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