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The Secret to Finding Profitable Flips in a Hot Market w/Viktor Jiracek

Many investors believe flipping is a vehicle that was great in the past but can’t be done under the current market conditions. The real estate market is piping hot, prices are too high, and it feels near-impossible to make sense of the numbers.

My guest today is having a totally different experience – in 2020 he flipped 20 homes, and he’s on track to do 30 flips this year. How can a market that’s so challenging for everyone else be so lucrative for one investor?

What strategies is he using to find deals before they are snapped up in a highly competitive market? How can new investors get the first few deals that make everything else easier?

In this episode, entrepreneur and investor, Viktor Jiracek shares his journey in business, from the failures to light bulb moments that have made him the successful flipper he is today.

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Get off the beaten path, avoid on-market listings, and start talking to the sellers no one else is talking to.
Viktor Jiracek


Things You’ll Learn In This Episode 

How to get your first deal when you don’t have a lot of money
Viktor got into his first investing deal with no cash. How did he set himself up for success by focusing more on relationships and building the track record that continues to open doors for him today?

The key to finding good contractors
There are always warning signs and red flags that tell us a contractor is going to be bad news. What do beginner investors need to be looking out for to avoid getting played?

Where Viktor is finding flips in this market
Most people think it’s impossible to find good flips in a hot market, but Viktor is on track to do 30 in 2021. What unique but simple strategy is he employing to stay profitable?

How investors can position themselves ahead of the storm
It’s important to fortify ourselves against what’s coming by building relationships that can carry us through depressionary times. What do we need to be doing right now to ensure future growth?


Guest Bio- 

Viktor Jiracek is an entrepreneur and investor out of Gainesville Florida. He is a full-time fix and flip real estate investor who is on track to flip 30 homes in 2021. Viktor also helps real estate beginners start and make six-figures flipping houses.

For more information visit and connect with Viktor on Facebook


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