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The Ultimate Win in Real Estate is Becoming Your Own Bank

Real estate has made more millionaires than any other investing vehicle – you can make money through flips, buy-and-holds and even Airbnbs, but what if you could make a ridiculous amount of money in real estate without owning a single home? 

This is possible if you become the bank, and provide the one thing every investor needs more than anything else – capital. 

But do you need millions of dollars or hundreds of flips to become the bank? 

In this episode, I’m going to tell you about my own investing journey and why these days, I’m choosing to offload properties.


The ultimate goal is being the bank and providing money to the people who need it. It has the least amount of risk, and it requires the least amount of time. – Chris Naugle


Things You’ll Learn In This Episode

The smart way to get into real estate today
Why do hard money lenders have the easiest job in real estate?

Acting rich vs. being wealthy
How will the looming recession separate the people who truly have capital to deploy from everyone else? How do you get on the right side of that divide?

What wise investors are doing differently right now
Why am I choosing to sell off the majority of my rental portfolio at a time where many people are buying on steroids?


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