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This Investor Makes More in 1 Deal Than Wholesalers Make in 1 Year with Trent Ellingford

In today’s market, everyone seems to be a wholesaler – but instead of making a great deal of money, they are stuck chasing their tails, competing over tiny fish in a tiny pond. 

Commercial real estate, on the other hand, is giving investors the opportunity to earn in one deal, what wholesalers earn through multiple properties. 

Why waste time fighting over tiny deals and profits in wholesaling when you can earn 98% more than all the wholesalers spinning their wheels?

Why is there so much profit up for grabs in commercial real estate? 

In this episode, entrepreneur and commercial investor, Trent Ellingford shares why he’s opted for this niche over residential investing.


Wholesaling is no longer the best kept secret in real estate. – Trent Ellingford


Things You’ll Learn In This Episode

Why we should consider switching investing niches
Is the party over for wholesalers?

The opportunity most investors are sleeping on
How do we stop going out after scraps in the residential market and start getting meaty high-value deals elsewhere? 

How to solve the challenge of raising capital
Can you invest in large commercial properties without a lot of your own money?


Guest Bio

Trent Ellingford is an entrepreneur, commercial real estate investor and coach. He’s teaching residential investors how to make more money by switching to the commercial property niche. 

For more information, follow @trent_ellingford on Instagram, or book a call with him over at


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