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Effective Marketing & Branding Strategies For New Investors w/Sharon Vornholt

Recently, the behavior and expectations of the consumers we market ourselves to has changed tremendously. They have the internet at their fingertips, they research the people they want to work with, check their online presence and then add us to their shortlist.

Before, all it took was seeing our marketing to pick up the phone. Marketing is no longer enough for someone to choose us. While it can help us generate leads, it isn’t the factor that makes them decide.

This is where branding comes in. Branding is what separates us from the competition and makes us memorable, and this is especially important for new investors. 

What is the difference between branding and marketing? Why is probate investing a great investing niche? In this episode, marketing, branding and probate investing expert Sharon Vornholt shares how we can build our online presence purposefully.

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Marketing is how you get leads, but branding is why they choose you.
– Sharon Vornholt

Three Things You’ll Learn In This Episode

Why probates are a great lead source for investors
You never run out of leads, people always have to sell, and the market has no effect on probates. The key is knowing how to deal with people as they go through such a challenging time.

What makes consumers decide to work with us
Today’s consumer makes the decision to work with us based on our online presence. Before they’ve even reached out to us, they’ve already Googled us, looked at our website and consumed our content. If we don’t tick boxes for them, that’s enough to plant doubt and make them consider others in our industry

Why women are uniquely qualified to work probate
Probate is suited to female investors because the clients are going through a challenging time, and they require a softer touch, someone who can listen to them and help solve their problems.

Guest Bio- 

Sharon Vornholt is a real estate investor, marketing and branding expert, coach, probate investing expert, and owner of Innovative Property Solutions. She teaches investors how to build profitable probate investing businesses, create marketing plans that will generate a steady stream of leads month after month, and how to build a brand.

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