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Raise Capital Inside Your Passion: How to Turn Boating Into Business w/Ryan Garland

In the world of hobbies and interests, boating happens to be one with the most wealth inside it. Whether it’s lake boating or yachting in Monaco, no other network attracts high net worth individuals. What if you could turn your own lifelong passion for boating into the ultimate business opportunity so you can earn while you play? 

That’s what Ryan Garland did, and today he gets to rub shoulders and do business with the wealthy. He even uncovered a unique investing opportunity through this association. How did Ryan find his way into one of the wealthiest markets on earth? What business opportunity came out of this? 

What are the big financial waves the wealthy are flocking to? In this episode, the founder of Paradyme Investments, talks about what the wealthy do differently and how you can align with it in your own business.

The boating world has a lot of wealth in it. My passion for boating helped me tap the wealth inside that market. -Ryan Garland



Three Things You’ll Learn In This Episode

  • Why family offices exist
    Financial advisory firms and family offices are completely different machines in the investing world. What are family offices built for, how do they operate and why do they operate differently by design?
  • The ultimate hedge against a volatile economy
    The people who hold the most wealth are looking for something more stable than the stock market and banking system to preserve it. How does private money lending play into this?
  • How to turn a passion into profit
    How did Ryan turn his passion for boating into the ultimate networking opportunity and an exciting business venture?


Guest Bio:

Ryan Garland is an investor, entrepreneur, author and founder of Paradyme Investments. His unparalleled ability to understand the real estate market, and to consequently shift his strategic thinking is the very foundation on which he has built his stellar career. Ryan started his lending career in the traditional SFR (Single Family Residence) space. Due to Ryan’s ability to establish relationships with HNW clientele (High-Net-Worth) and his passion for distressed assets, he began the Paradyme brand. Ryan successfully facilitated and closed an average of 150 short sales and REO transactions a month during the 2008 recession period. Strictly focused on “workout turnarounds” also known as flips – both in the SFR and Commercial sectors. Operating as an LP, Ryan was voted #1 Top Originator in California for four years in a row. Ryan also made Top Producer Magazine, a nationwide publication. Ryan has facilitated over $1.5 Billion in distressed real estate transactions. Paradyme’s objectives and core passion are aligned with “impact” investing designed to create generational wealth. Ryan created the Paradyme platform as a tool to help his clients build enduring wealth using real estate as the bedrock of their investment portfolios. With multiple projects in the pipeline at any given time, Paradyme’s diversified offerings are designed for today’s alternative investors looking to find non-correlated, low volatility and high return strategies in an increasingly unsettled investment environment. Paradyme’s fundamental principles of integrity, transparency and exceptional client relations are the foundation upon which Ryan has built the company. For more information, go to and follow @ryangarland_paradyme on Instagram. 


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