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Is Real Estate Still a Good Investment in 2022?

For a very long time, real estate has been touted as the safest, smartest investment known to man, but what about right now? There’s tremendous pressure on the housing market, interest rates are going up, and we’re due for a very painful economic correction. 

Many people will tell you this is a great time to take action, and that there’s opportunity everywhere, but if you get too comfortable in these conditions, you might be in trouble. 

So, is it worth investing in real estate right now? In this episode, I’ll share how to navigate investing in real estate with all the crazy things happening in the economy.

The people who got wealthy during the last great recession were the ones that were ready for it, the ones who had the patience, had resources, and weren’t all in right before the bottom fell out.
– Chris Naugle

Things You’ll Learn In This Episode

How to avoid losing all your money
What are the rules of engagement for investing in this real estate market?

The best time to buy real estate
There’s still too much greed, hope, and speculation to take action – so when is the right time to strike?

The biggest investing lesson
What can we learn from the people who survived the recession in 2008 and even the dotcom crash?


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