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The Next Great Depression is Closer Than You Think: What History Teaches Us About Economic Cycles & How to Avoid Getting Fooled By Market Hype

If you’re not really paying attention, the economy looks pretty great right now, but if you’re a student of history, there’s nothing to celebrate. 

Signs of a looming economic storm are everywhere, and contrary to what many believe, there’s nothing different about this market from the times before the Great Depression, the dot-com bubble and The Great Recession. 

Economic cycles are inevitable and inescapable, and all signs point to a huge paradigm shift. What are some of the huge red flags we should be paying attention to? How do we get on the right side of financial history? 

In this episode, I’m going to take you through the history of the economy, and show you why the present day is awfully similar to the late 1920s.


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If you look at history, you can really start to see where we’re going. We’re very close to the next Great Depression because we’re seeing all the signs. – Chris Naugle


Things You’ll Learn In This Episode

A necessary lesson on debt cycles
Financial markets aren’t just ruled by short-term cycles, there are generational cycles at play too. Why do we need to pay close attention to concepts like long-term debt and capital cycles?

How conflict affects economic cycles
Could the Russia/Ukraine situation be yet another indicator of a looming financial shift?

What we can learn from historic booms and seemingly hot markets
An overstimulated, highly-indebted market has a breaking point. What are the signs that it’s closer than we think? 



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