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This Market is a Ticking Time Bomb: How to Reduce Your Exposure to Risk When the Storm Hits w/Neil Timmins

A lot of investors stay in the lane of what they know and when the environment around them changes, they fail to act and pivot. This is the most dangerous market to operate in this way. Monetary policy, inflation and war – these are just a few of the factors putting massive pressure on the economy and our investments.

You don’t need a crystal ball to see where we’re headed financially, and if you’re not nimble and investing in stress-tested deals, you’ll learn a painful lesson the hard way.

How is a seasoned investor who lived through the Recession (and the speculative market highs that preceded it) preparing his portfolio for what’s coming? What’s really going on with the economy, and how will the situation in Ukraine impact it? 

In this episode, we’re joined by investing legend and author, Neil Timmins. With almost 20 years in the investing game, he’s going to share exactly how to survive the rapidly approaching financial storm.

The best way to protect yourself from a real estate standpoint is to acquire bigger properties and put fixed-rate, long-term debt on them. That’s how you hedge against inflation. – Neil Timmins


Things You’ll Learn In This Episode

The difference between a job and a business
Can we truly call what we do a business if it always requires us to run and thrive? 

How Neil Timmins gets in and out of deals in 89 days
What is the nimblest way to do deals in a crazy market?  

What Neil is doing to protect his rental portfolio from market volatility
How do we stress-test our rental deals so that we’re sure they are built to cash flow in an inflationary environment?


Guest Bio

Neil Timmins is an investing legend, expert and author of “Unicorn Hunting For Investors” and founder of Legacy Impact Partner Program. A true visionary, dreamer, and problem-solver, Neil J. Timmins is on a mission to make a deep personal impact in the lives of his team members and business partners. Neil is committed to establishing a lasting legacy through his work as a real-estate investor and mentor.

Neil has been in real estate for nearly 2 decades. He started as a traditional real estate agent with RE/MAX where his team was recognized by the Wall Street Journal as a Top 100 team; he was the #1 RE/MAX Agent in Iowa by 29. Later, he made the transition from realtor to full time investor. 

Over the course of his career, Neil has been involved in over $300,000,000 in real estate transactions. While he is still the managing broker for a real estate agency in Des Moines Iowa, his primary focus is on real estate investments. Neil’s portfolio depth includes assets ranging from houses to industrial properties. The business currently conducts wholesale, wholetail, and fix/flip transactions. 

Recently, Neil and his team launched the Legacy Impact Partner Program where they partner with fix and flip investors from around the country. Neil’s team brings capital to fund and fix rehabs, operational expertise, and years of experience catapulting their partner’s business to new heights. 

For more information visit connect with Neil on LinkedIn


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