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Read the Market & Pivot: How Successful Investors Prepare for Shifts While Everyone Else Ignores the Red Flags w/Nancy Wallace-Laabs

15 years ago, while people were spending recklessly in a seemingly good market, Nancy Wallace-Laabs saw signs that a storm was coming, and pivoted into investing.

Today, the red flags she saw back then are very much present and hard to ignore, and while everyone wears their rose-colored glasses, she’s pivoting accordingly.

If you’re paying attention, you can see that the market is heated, speculative and bubbled, and that it won’t last forever. What do you need to be doing right now to prepare? What can we glean from Zillow’s recent property woes?

In this episode, I’m joined by investor, author and speaker, Nancy Wallace-Laabs. We talk about how smart people respond when the economy is clearly too good to be true.

Watch the Full Episode:

You always have to read the market so that you can pivot. That’s what successful real estate investors do. – Nancy Wallace-Laabs


Things You’ll Learn In This Episode

Why this market is unsustainable and headed for a huge crash
Is this market really all that different from pre-2008?

How to get the right money, for the right deal at the right time
Why do we need to consider lending in our investing considerations?

What you should be doing with your money right now
Instead of using your home equity to buy cars, boats and home upgrades, what should you be doing instead?


Guest Bio- 

Nancy Wallace-Laabs is a 15-year Real Estate Investor, Public Speaker, best-selling author of “Winning Deals In Heels” and “Let Me Ask You This” and creator of The Profitable Landlord System. She has more than 15 years of real estate investing experience, and owns several rental properties. 

Nancy and her husband founded the Profitable Landlord System – their goal: to help other real estate investors that want to create wealth, experience financial freedom and leave an impact for their community by providing a predictable, repeatable and simple step by step method for becoming a profitable landlord.

For more information, visit Buy her books on Amazon, subscribe to Nancy’s YouTube channel and follow her on Instagram. You can also email Nancy directly


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