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Selling Mom’s House: Phillip Vincent on the Blue Ocean Strategy That Will Keep You In Business for Decades

Everyone’s an investor these days, but when it comes to really solving a problem and truly setting themselves up for wealth, they are competing in a crowded market – swimming in red, shark-infested waters.  

There is an emerging, blue ocean strategy packed with motivated seller leads that no one is pursuing – senior homeowners. As parents reach old age, people have to deal with the challenges of getting them into an assisted living community and paying for it. 

For the right entrepreneur, this is a great lead source and an opportunity to help families who really need it. 

What makes this niche so great for generating quality leads? Why do we have to avoid calling ourselves investors when we’re talking to senior sellers and their families?

In this episode, I’m joined by founder and CEO of Mom’s House, Phillip Vincent. We talk about how to go after these opportunities and generate leads for years and years.

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The moment you find out your parents have to move into senior living, you have to make a really hard decision really quickly. This is the flash point of when the best real estate leads are happening.
– Phillip Vincent


Things You’ll Learn In This Episode

The importance of actually caring about your clients 
Selling your parents’ house and moving them into assisted living is an emotional time. How do we handle this in the most sensitive and respectful way?

Why probate is a shrinking, crowded niche
What factors make senior homeowners one of the biggest emerging markets for the next few decades?

Why you need to be more than an investor
How do traditional investors and even real estate agents put senior sellers off from wanting to work with them?


Guest Bio

Phillip Vincent is the founder and CEO of Mom’s House. Moms house is the trusted home buyer network for seniors in transition. The traditional real estate experience is broken and doesn’t meet the family’s need to sell the house without having to invest the time, money, and effort to make the house retail-ready. Eliminating the make-ready process reduces a significant part of the stress for the family, removing the need to hire contractors, get bids, manage a rehab, and find the money needed to pay for the rehab. 

These all add financial and emotional stress, and more importantly, extend the timeframe to get Mom the care she needs now and to keep her safe. Reducing the risk of falls, improving medication management, and adding intellectual stimulation all help to extend her life and happiness. Making the decision to move mom or dad to senior living is emotional enough. But when you add the stress of downsizing, renovations, and selling the family home – as you know all too well – it can easily become overwhelming. 

How long will it take to sell? Who will clean everything out? Do we have money to invest in updates? Is mom safe until we can move? The result is often a delayed move-in or worse, the decision to wait altogether. It doesn’t have to be this way. Mom’s House can help get your move-ins back on track and keep them moving forward to get the senior care sooner.

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