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Methods & Strategies to Invest In Ahead of a Market Shift w/Kent Clothier

A shift in the market isn’t just a possibility— it’s definitely on the horizon. How can we prepare ourselves for it and make sure we don’t lose money when it happens? Why is wholesaling one of the best ways to brave the coming storm? Why are masterminds so important to our success as entrepreneurs?

On this episode, Real Estate Worldwide CEO and President, Kent Clothier, shares on his journey to success, his external and internal obstacles, and how to navigate the market as a new investor.

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It’s not about being great at anything. It’s about having the fortitude to stay in the game. -Kent Clothier

Three Things We Learned from Kent Clothier

Why you shouldn’t leave wholesaling behind

Many investors start out with wholesaling, but they completely leave it behind in favor of flipping. While wholesaling you can make $10k in 24 hours, and flipping can make you $50k in 90 days. Leaving these tools out of your arsenal is a huge mistake.  

How to keep your investments strong during a downturn

When the market slows down, you don’t want to be holding property besides cash flowing properties. Start preparing yourself for the downturn by selling any properties you have that aren’t cash flowing.

The importance of masterminds

One thing most successful people have in common is that they invest in coaching and masterminds. These resources are powerful and valuable because they compress time and allow you to learn in days what might normally take years. The collective wisdom and experience of other people is extremely impactful.

The market is showing signs of slowing down, and as an investor you have to be prepared for this. You don’t want to start trying to change course during a crisis, so getting ready right now while the market is better is the best strategy. Start engaging with cash buyers right now, because their appetite won’t change in a downturn. Get into conversation with these people so that you become a person they rely on ahead of time. It will serve you well now and serve you very well in the future.

Guest Bio-
Kent Clothier is president and CEO of Real Estate World Wide (REWW), a multi-faceted real estate education company. To learn more about Kent and his work, check out, and You can also find him on YouTube, Facebook and Instagram.

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