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Home Equity is an $11 Trillion Asset You Can’t Easily Access…Until Now with Matthew Sullivan


If a home is the single biggest investment people can have, home equity is the crown jewel. American homeowners hold $11 trillion in home equity, but the current methods of accessing it are so costly, that money stays trapped in the halls, walls, and rooms of people’s homes. 

However, there is a way for homeowners to access those valuable dollars now without monthly payments. Investors can also buy discounted properties without the headaches of renovations and tenants.

How does the process work? How can investors use this method to grow their wealth with less stress? 

In this episode, founder and CEO of QuantmRE, Matthew Sullivan shares how they are making it easier for people to tap into their wealth.

We’re creating liquidity for something that has been illiquid since time began which is the equity in single-family homes. – Matthew Sullivan


Things You’ll Learn In This Episode

How to open the faucet of liquidity 
Home equity is a massive asset most people can’t access. How can homeowners get it into their hands without monthly payments and loans? 

Home equity now, not later 
Why should owners wait to access the equity in their home, when they can get it at its most valuable now? 

The win for an investor 
How can you buy the future value of a property at a discount?


Guest Bio

Matthew Sullivan is the founder and CEO of QuantmRE, a platform making home equity accessible, investible, and tradeable. QuantmRE was designed to give homeowners and investors unprecedented access to equity in single-family homes. They are solving a major problem for homeowners who want to access the equity in their homes without taking on more debt.

For investors, QuantmRE was designed to build, model, manage and trade personalized portfolios of investments based on this multi-trillion-dollar asset class. 

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