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Lessons Learned on the Journey to Investing Success w/ Olivier LePage

The biggest hurdle new investors face is getting the money for deals, but the real hurdle isn’t financial—it’s mental. How can we shift our mindset and remove our blinders so we can see where the money is? How do we find and approach investors to show them the value of the opportunity? Is there a way to accelerate our success?

On this episode, I’m joined by successful investor and entrepreneur, Matt Aitchison, to talk about how he built his empire and share the mental blocks he had to overcome in order to get those first deals off the ground.

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Partner up with a hard money lender or someone with money who doesn’t want to look for deals. -Olivier LePage

Three Things We Learned from Olivier LePage

Why it’s not always easy to get money from family

Even though our families love and support us, they aren’t always the best sources of money. If people don’t know about real estate, it’s hard to convince them that it’s a good deal, and that they will make any money, even when they love us.

How our fear of failure can hinder our growth

Our families can sometimes be so worried about us failing that they protect us by not giving us funding, but this creates tension and challenges because it feels like you’re not supported.

The importance of the right partners

One of the most challenging things that happened to Olivier in this business is learning that he didn’t have the right partner. We need to have investors partners who won’t bail during a challenging time.

Through the challenges, we learn valuable lessons like who we want in our corner and where to get the money we need for deals. Olivier’s story is proof that even if you have a rough start and have to push onward without the support of family, you can still build a thriving investing business. 

Guest Bio-
Olivier is an Entrepreneur and Real Estate Investor based in Montreal. To get in touch with him, find him on Facebook at and Instagram @olilepage.

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