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Networking: A Powerful Way to Compress Time In Entrepreneurship w/ Kevin McMullen

As entrepreneurs, one of our main focuses is freedom and taking back our time but also fulfilling our goals. But when we’re new to the game, those things can seem out of reach and impossible to achieve.

What if we could cut the time and path in half by networking with people like us?

Surrounding ourselves with people who inspire us, understand our ambitions, and see the possibilities just like we do can be a game-changer. Those are the people who will lift us up, encourage us, and help us navigate the challenges of entrepreneurship with a positive mindset.

What if your next breakthrough idea is just a conversation away in a community of innovators? How do these people make the impossible seem achievable?

In this episode, real estate salesperson and investor Kevin McMullen joins me to talk about the importance of surrounding yourself with likeminded people, and how it can change the way we think. We also talk about his journey from failure to freedom.

In real estate, you either get it or you don’t. But if you do get it, you’re going to do very well. -Kevin McMullen



Three Things You’ll Learn In This Episode

  • Money doesn’t always solve problems
    Not every issue that arises can be fixed by putting funds towards them. Why can’t we always throw money at problems to straighten them out?
  • Difficulties in owning rentals
    Rentals can help us build wealth, but it’s definitely not easy. What are some of the difficulties we face when owning rental properties?
  • Experience makes the expert
    The more we experience, the better we get at doing things. How can the things we’ve been through turn into valuable insights?


Guest Bio:

Kevin McMullen’s journey into real estate began with flipping video games at flea markets in college. He then owned 6 video game stores that collectively generated $3,000,000 in sales before transitioning into real estate. Today, he is a Real Estate Salesperson & Investor, managing over 20 properties and hosts the Let’s Know Buffalo Podcast. Kevin brings a wealth of entrepreneurial experience and a passion for real estate investment to his ventures.

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