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A Game of Manifestation: Keir Dillon on Bouncing Back From His Biggest Ass-Kickings


In pro-snowboarding, we were taught self-confidence, visualization and a strong belief in our abilities. The emotions that come with going through a rough time are the opposite of everything we’re taught. When we hit rock bottom, we lose touch with that confidence, and we have to refocus, relearn and rebuild. 

Ex pro-snowboarder Keir Dillon understands this journey a lot more than most. After suffering his fair share of ass-kickings, he knows what coming up from rock bottom looks like. 

What were the early stages of his career like? How did riding go from something fun to do to an incredible career? How did he bounce back after the brutal ass-kickings life gave him?

In this episode, it’s my honor and privilege to sit down with one of the greats, Keir Dillon. He talks about his journey, from becoming a worldwide sensation, to losing everything and rebuilding to where he is now.


It’s about trying to get your tricks dialed so that you can just pull them out on lock and land them. – Keir Dillon 


Things You’ll Learn In This Episode

A faster feedback loop 
In sport, we know pretty quickly that we need more training and practice. Can we apply this to life?

The mindset behind the sport 
At its core, snowboarding is a game of manifestation. How do you go from visualizing a trick to making it a reality?

From barely hanging on to reaching your goals
How did Keir Dillon bounce back from his worst ass-kickings? 

Winning in an evolving sport 
Snowboarding today isn’t what it was in our heyday. What challenges do current athletes face? How do you set yourself up for success?


Guest Bio:

Keir is a former pro-snowboarder widely regarded as one of the world’s best riders in the sport. He is an entrepreneur, brand strategist and the CEO of the Dillon Agency. Keir has a blend of 20+ years of experience as a professional athlete and television host/reporter with extensive brand marketing experience and analytical abilities to evolve, create and build category-defining brands. For more information, follow @keirdillon on Instagram.


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