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Built for a Recession: The Path to Stability & Wealth in a Down Market with Josh Cantwell

Between unfathomable rate hikes, yield curve inversions, and what’s happening in the stock market, it’s clear that a severe recession is on the horizon. 

If you’re a smart investor, you’re using this calm before the storm to find the best investing vehicle and putting your financial ducks in a row while you still can. 

We know that real estate is the greatest path to wealth but asset classes aren’t created equal, especially in a recession. 

In today’s episode, I’m joined by the CEO of Freeland Ventures, Josh Cantwell. Josh’s company has 3000 apartment units under his management, and he’s going to lay out the exact path to get through the recession and come out truly wealthy on the other side.


You either have a cash flow/income model or you have a boom/bust model. I’m going to do what I control, and I can’t control the great wide open market and what’s going to grow. – Josh Cantwell 

Things You’ll Learn In This Episode

Why Josh chose to build wealth by helping others 
What did Josh learn from surviving pancreatic cancer?

The best markets to buy a multifamily property
Instead of waiting for the market to appreciate (which isn’t guaranteed) how can we force appreciation on our assets?

Why B-class properties are the crown jewel of real estate
The stock market is the last place you want to put your money right now, what’s the safest path to get through the recession?


Guest Bio

Josh is a real estate investor, pancreatic cancer survivor, and CEO of Freeland Ventures, a company with 3000 apartment units. Freeland Ventures was founded in 2015 by Josh and Glenn Lytle, with a focus on high-quality, turn-key real estate investing and lending solutions. The company has expanded into multi-family as the core growth strategy, continuing to provide reliable passive investment options for investors as well as a significant focus on managing 100% of the acquisition, property management, and construction process under Freeland Ventures.

In 2018, experienced real estate investor Tyler Brummett joined the Freeland team, managing Freeland Properties with a specific focus on acquisition and property management. Josh, Glenn, and Tyler have extensive real estate investing and private lending experience dating back to 2001 and collectively have been involved in over 1,500 real estate transactions as owner/operator, investor, private lender, loan originator, debt financier, or equity capital partner.

Freeland is headquartered in Cleveland, OH, and is backed by a team of industry-leading professionals that bring bold authenticity, integrity, and commitment to excellence as one of Northeast Ohio’s leading real estate investment firms.

For more information, head to and listen to Josh’s podcast here


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